Reflection on Digital Frieze: Projection, Painting, Mural – Robin Edwards

Final edit greek frieze.jpgRobin Edwards is a penultimate year Fine Art student at the University of West England. Below is a brief introduction from Robin as to the development of the piece itself and its sources of inspiration!:

“As a final response to the work I have made throughout the year I wanted to make a piece which culminated in the end product of all my influences. Exploring the relationship between Ancient visages of Greco-classical forms and revealing their layers of history in a contemporary art context, has been a productive discourse. Visiting collections like that of the museum of classical antiquity I found the long scenes depicting mythical battles and parables of Classical antiquity and its belief system. I wanted to bring some notions ideas from these ancient Friezes into my own practice. However, my aim with making something like a Frieze was almost to to satirise the image and move away from the stoic appreciation and classicism, but be interested in these historical works of art and how they can be seen in a contemporary art context.

I was drawn to the contours of the forms I observed in these Frieze’s. I re-arranged these forms and drew them in a more graphic bold illustrative approach, focusing more upon colours and how the forms became almost one homogenous piece, losing its identity as a marked image of classicism into something new. I believe my aim was to re-claim the image and show how these images of over two millennia have taken on layers of historical interpretation, can be seen as relevant. My thoughts then shifted about the permanency of these forms and how I could play around with this idea of them as a fixed solid form.”

Checkout Robins awesome blog ( to uncover more about the development and process behind this fantastic piece and for more of Robins fine art.


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