A few poems by Toby Cardno

Here’s some fantastic poetry by Toby Cardno. Have a read of his meaningful words and get lost in his visions and imagery.

Life in a tunnel,

Where people spend a minute.

Rumbles from above,

A spluttered cough from below.


His hair sprouting from a tattered hat,

Thick strands of grubby blonde

Raining down on his forehead.

His head resting on his hand,

Half covered by fingerless gloves.

Patched together in woven rags,

The material draping the floor,

Like a table cloth.


His face glazed by his only light,

A hazy, mesh covered bulb;

Fenced into the carved wall.

His eyes only half open,

Only seeking the minimum.


Her body a valley,

I traced the dip of her spine.

Rising at her shoulder blades,

Jutting out, threatening to pierce her skin.

A single trickle of wear,

Granting the valley a river;

Flowing down south.


Her hair tickling her neck,

A canopy above her bare back.

Every strand separated,

Allowing a glimpse at the silk surface below.

Her darkened moles like a map,

Leading my eyes down and down,

Through each constellation.


Her skin glowing under lamp moonlight,

Reflecting on my eyes

And returning,

Back to the source.


They sat on an old quilt,

The patchwork looking up to the darkened sky.

He traced the stars with one finger,

She ran her fingers through his hair,

Cultivating the moment

With a ploughing-like motion.


Beads of water clung to each blade of grass,

She followed and held onto him,

Locking herself to his arm.

He dabbed at one blade,

Obtaining a single droplet on his forefinger;

He placed it gently on her cheek,

Mimicking the happiest tear.


The offered each other their lips.

And the partisan sky brightened,

Each eager star widening.


His skin then whitened,

His lips became thin,

The night sky replaced with a washed yellow glow.

She opened her eyes,

And straightened up on her chair.

She looked across to the bed,

His bed, occupied by him.


The mechanical beeping

Drowning out the memory.


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