TVC Playlister- OPT OUT

I’m from the north west of England but have spent the last 4 years studying physics at Aberystwyth university  (beautiful little Welsh coastal town). Days like sands I recorded in my last summer there after graduation, living next to the sea with no commitments, slowly digging into my overdraft, getting stoned basically daily, and hanging out with friends at the beach. I wanted to make a kind of self-created memento of what was probably the most hazy and carefree few months of my life, and that’s what days like sands is, the result of swathes of free time spent on my bedroom floor in the summer heat,  hunched over a casiotone, a guitar, a sampler, and some pedals. 

I’m now working a 9 – 5 job back home, and during the cold early morning commutes to work I listen to a lot of minimal ambient (Brian Eno, Aphex Twin, Janek Schaefer, Stars of the Lid etc). It’s basically the only sonic palette I can handle at that time on the train. The EP cwtch is just me trying to make my own contribution to that kind of sound. Music for wanting to be nowhere but back in bed, I guess. 



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