Photos by Robbie Wingrove

Some awesome shots sent in to us by Robbie Wingrove and here’s what he has to say about them!

My name is Robbie, I take photos, I wouldn’t say I’m an amateur photographer because that would be an over statement. I just enjoy going out with a camera in my pocket snapping what I see. 

It all started with an iPhone. I was always getting photos of my classic VW Beetle which I thought looked pretty decent. The next step was getting my first 35mm film SLR, which really got me hooked. Since then I’ve progressed to the digital age but still carry my trusty Olympus 35mm camera wherever I go. 

15271285_10157935835670145_1216801928_o 15303833_10157935787535145_1494566051_o 15311526_10157935836045145_388802895_o 15322491_10157935835755145_275190203_o

Want more of Robbie’s work? Follow him here:

Instagram: robbo112233


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